Our unique self-service tools, workshop programmes and engagement expertise can help you unlock your organisation’s engagement potential.


The b-Heard survey is where most organisations start their engagement journey. It is a set of 70 academically designed questions based on our ‘8 factors of workplace engagement’. It is completely secure and confidential, so respondents are free to say how they really feel.

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Our Workplace Insight solutions transform your survey data into actionable insights, giving you a unique and accurate picture of engagement in your organisation.

Understand your data with the Workplace Insight Tool Our online portal is a sophisticated yet easy-to-use data analytics tool which enables you to explore and understand the results of your engagement survey.

Disseminate your data with Data Packs
Create and download high level executive summaries to share with your senior team. You can also create targeted reports that focus on specific employment groups.

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MC3 is a powerful methodology for measuring and improving the way that your managers engage with their teams.

Based on your survey results, the unique MC3 framework helps you identify great management in your organisation, as well as opportunities for improvement. It enables you to have effective conversations with the right people and creates a positive platform on which to develop better recognition, understanding and support.

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From insight to action

We offer a range of interventions, workshops and improvement programmes that can give you and your organisation the power to make significant improvements to engagement levels.

We will take you through your data factor by factor and give you a clear and actionable insight into how you can improve engagement in your organisation.

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