Asking the right questions

What is the b-Heard Survey?

The b-Heard Survey invites your employees to score 70 statements about their wellbeing, pay and benefits, personal growth, their team, the leadership and much more.

It is scored on a seven-point scale that allows for more nuanced responses than an agree/disagree model or five-point scale. This, combined with our unique 8 factor model, gives you a structured and accurate insight into how your employees feel.

We combine and normalise their responses to give your organisation a Best Companies Index (BCI) score - our exclusive and academically verified measure of engagement.

Proven and powerful

We developed the b-Heard survey alongside academics at the University of Plymouth, with help from the Department of Trade and Industry.

The survey has been tested on millions of UK employees and is continually reviewed to ensure it remains a robust way to measure workplace engagement.

Have you been invited to complete a survey?


If you have been sent a log-in code by post or email and would like to complete your survey, please follow the link below.

A b-heard Pulse survey is an interim 'dip-check' to see how an entire workplace or a specific area of an organisation is feeling.

They are ideal for existing clients to monitor progress and measure the effectiveness of any implemented changes.

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Confidential feedback you can believe in

The strict confidentiality of the b-Heard survey allows your employees to give honest responses without fear of reprisal, giving you a truer picture of how people in your organisation feel.

This frank feedback empowers you to have more meaningful conversations and drive effective change.

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We offer paper surveys, online surveys and a hybrid solution providing online survey log-in codes by post. This gives your employees more options to tell you how they feel and makes it easier for less-centralised organisations to survey with us.

We can also facilitate multi-lingual and bespoke surveys to meet your organisation’s distinct needs. Speak to us today to find out more.

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