From insight
to action

We offer a range of interventions, workshops and improvement programmes that can give you and your organisation the power to significantly improve engagement levels.


We will take you through your data factor by factor and give you a clear and actionable insight into how you can improve engagement in your organisation.

As an independent specialist we can deliver the insights to those that need to hear them most. Data Insight Sessions start meaningful conversations that can elevate your organisation to the next level, or provide the essential first step on the journey to improvement.

  • On-site and collaborative
  • Direct to leadership level
  • Includes S.W.O.T. report and executive summary
  • Actionable insight on all areas of your organisation

Analysing data is a science. Making it meaningful and memorable is an artform.

Our Engagement Workshops and engagement improvement programmes give you the knowledge you need to turn your insights into effective, self-sustaining change. We will help you disseminate information, create ambassadors for engagement, and we will teach you and your team how to create a culture of acceptance and a willingness to improve.

Our Engagement Workshops include:

Managerial Engagement Workshops

Based on data from the powerful MC3 methodology, these sessions show you how to make the most of the insights, including how to manage the sharing and acceptance of both good and challenging information.

Organisational Clarity Workshop

These sessions will help you define your organisation’s Primary Purpose, Core Principles, an Outrageous Ambition and an Ingenious Plan to achieve it. It will help you define a clear vision for your future.

Survey Champion Workshops

These workshops promote awareness of the engagement survey in your organisation, helping others see the value of engagement and feel comfortable with the process.

Engagement Planning Workshops

A pre-survey planning session to help to define the goals of your engagement journey. We will help determine which tools and what level of support you need to deliver the improvements you want.

Peer to Peer Workshops

These sessions show your managers how to manage and share best practice throughout your company. We show them how to handle engagement challenges, and how to build effective internal peer groups to ensure continual improvement.

Action Planning Workshops

End to end planning workshops answer the question of what to do next once your survey results come in, helping turn insights into action.

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